Sunday, October 28, 2012

ZOMBIES, a great group costume

I'm a big fan of the Zombie Walk, most cities have them. A non-profit gathering of folks who like costumes and make-up and fake blood. This year I saw everything from a guy dressed as the Joker to beautiful day of the dead make-ups as Zombie's.
Our group went down the gory, bloody, protruding bones and peeling skin route.
Because of this I thought I'd make up a few effects like stabbing a torso and an exposed bone break.
**warning there are some "realistic" or graphic photos near the end of this post. The torso stab was enough to make a few people shudder in real life.**
I've had some luck in the past, laying mask plaster on fabric and having it adhere. This was the main principle of my design for this year's costume effects.
You can always contact me to have your very own custom made broken bone if this seems like too much work.

Materials: plastic skeleton bones
               small roll of mask plaster
               saw (I used a hack-saw with an easy grip handle)
               drop sheet
               bowl of warm water
               10 cm wide strip of knit fabric to tie around "broken" limb
               paint, clear finish

First, I drew jagged "break" lines, then I tried to saw as close as possible to what I drew. Then I cut a shallow angle for the edge that would be closest to my skin.

After tying the strip of fabric around my thigh I then place 2 20cm strips of wetted plaster and smoothed the excess moisture into the fabric. Now you place the bone and wrap a halfwidth strip around it to create support. Then a full width piece over top to hold it all together.

Now you sit still for 10-20 minutes while it sets. During this time I also wadded up some plaster into the hollow part of the bone, all the better for painting later.

I left mine to finish drying overnight and then painted on some zombie rot with sponges in greens, blacks and yellows.

Now I just soak the tie fabric in blood and make-up my leg and voila! One disgusting protruding bone for my Zombie costume.

For added fun, see the photos of the torso stab as well. The undershirt this was applied to, was cut completely down the opposite side seam and had velcro installed.

for the torso stab, the plaster was 2 parts 1st on the body
Then add the bones

ready to wander with brain snack "to go"
Next year there will be more broken bones

Monday, October 1, 2012

BC Championships, we were there, but the wind forgot us

Fall in Victoria BC. I always know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner when we have the Fall Dinghy Championships at Royal Victoria Yacht Club. This 2 day regatta was designated as the Fireball BC Championships this year.

With a delay to the start of racing due to both lack of wind AND a broken BC ferry, the 10 boats registered got down to the serious business of visiting. I had emailed, cornered at pubs, hassled and emailed some more to ensure that the 3 sailors traveling north from Portland would have local boats to sail. My campaign had the added bonus of getting a 10 boat fleet on the water.
I also managed to convince a lot of local sailors that there would be a coaching/learning aspect if we switched up our usual sailor pairings.
For me, I already knew I would be sailing with someone different as my skipper was not available for the regatta. See the results posted here (link to follow later apparently), to see who I convinced to switch up.

Day 1 saw breeze from 0-7 knots and the RC managed send us on 3 W courses of varying laps. Current played more of a factor in our afternoon of sailing than I was expecting. I'm not sure why I was expecting less current, I've been sailing here for a few years now and current is always involved.
After the dinner provided by the RVYC, the Fireball fleet got to hang out by the patio fire and enjoy more nibblies and cake, while telling stories of the good old days and the windy regattas held at this location.

Day 2 saw breeze from 0-2 knots most of the morning and left the fleet visiting on shore, until the day was abandoned at 1 pm. By this time the Fireball fleet had decided that a little time on the water was better than a whole day on shore and 6 boats headed out for a couple of rabbit start races in the bay.

Congratulations to Rob Thompson and Francis Thompson the BC Champions. Also, thank you from me, to the sailors who showed up to sail with whoever I arbitrarily decided to match them up with in whatever boat was available.

Photo taken by Jamie Cox

Highlights of the weekend for me; sailing with CBSA Brian in a regatta; meeting new Fireball sailors that I didn't even know were showing up; visiting around the fire on Saturday evening; making my non-sailing friend chauffeur me about town all weekend because I lent my car to our Portland visitors.

Next regatta I will have to attempt cc'ing my email campaign to the wind fairies to see if they will show up to play too.