Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back to the chair - tech and sewing room.

I've been absent from my blog world for a while. Busy living life and forgetting to take pictures. A new saying is going around my group of friends, "Pictures or it didn't happen!" This is helping me to form better habits of using my camera app on my smartphone. Back to my computer chair to make up for lost time. I will add time in my sewing chair too.

Actually my computer and sewing chairs are the same chair. I have about 30 projects all cut out and ready to sew. Recovering from a back injury (only about 1 month rehab in of a 3 month predicted repair) I finally have my mojo back. With new energy I have been getting to it.

Using the instructions and links I found on this Mommy Blog, I created a "fauxby" baby wrap at the request of a friend. I was inspired by my extra material and made 2. This one will be sold online, locally.

Today was a day that I really enjoyed the fact I invested in an overlock (Serger style) machine when I created my sewing area. Although my time would probably have been better spent tidying or cataloging my fabric hoard. Maybe tomorrow.

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