Friday, June 5, 2015

WTF Friday - Another sewing machine to lust after

Recently, a friend asked me about darning denim, trying to save from sending his spendy designer jeans off to another part of the country for specialty services. I haven't had a chance to practice with my darning foot yet to see if my quilting machine is up to the challenge. However, thanks to RAWR denim I am currently lusting after a vintage machine, according to the internet I'm not the only one.

design and style, vintage baby

I did find this excellent tutorial about hand darning denim, it all seems so interesting I think I'm gonna try it. Currently when folks bring me blown out jeans, I sew a reinforcement patch in behind the tear. It tends to show a little, but since these are usually crotch seams I kinda hope no one is looking too close.

I already own 6 sewing machines while living in a one bedroom apartment, so I think I will just have to continue to lust after the vintage Singer and let other folks own it. I am gonna try my machine with some fancy threads though. I think a $15 investment in heavy cotton is coming up.

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