Monday, October 24, 2011

I've entered a CONTEST

So "livingfabric" is also my username at a wonderful sewing site and online community They are having a costume contest with a cash prize to the winner. However, I'm looking for the Sponsor prize, which is a Bernina 3 series sewing machine (

Please feel free to vote for me. There are a lot of great entries in this contest too, so vote for your favourite. Also, the gallery is great inspiration if you are a last minute costume maker. You have until Sunday, October 30th at midnight (EST) to vote.

In the theme of Hallowe'en here is another post by me. This is from a few years ago, but JP and I were quite proud of the weapons. They were such a hit, and so light weight, that bouncers even let us into clubs with them. Usually costume weapons have to be checked so that no one gets hurt.

Hopefully next week will feature pictures of Thing 1 and Thing 2 my big project for Hallowe'en this year.

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