Sunday, October 2, 2011

September is the New Year...sort of.

Somehow, even though I'm not in school I find September is a fresh start kinda month. So I posted a New Year's resolution to start blogging in Jan 2011 and then ignored it.
NOW, I really will start blogging. Really. I sell my crafts at local hobby and craft shows, but noticed this year I haven't been focusing on new stock. Looking for a quick and easy idea, I found an excellent post for recycling remnants of netting or tulle at
Since my whole idea for Living Fabric is upcycling (still not sure how I feel about the term) or recycling fabric, yarn and notions. I try to work from remnants, garage sale finds, gifts and leftovers from new projects. I'm not averse to buying off the bolt but I'm trying to find a way to use all scraps of all types of fabrics that are larger then 5"(10 cm) square.
Also I loved this scrubby idea because I wouldn't have to sew the tulle or netting I have left. I do not enjoy working with netting or tulle. Obviously I do sometimes work with it but it is not my favourite.
Much to my procrastinating surprise I immediately cut up all my netting an made a ball of material to create scrubbies. Then I modified the pattern a bit for myself so that I didn't have to make a double layer. Within a week of spare time I had this nice bundle for my sale table.
To prove my procrastination I still haven't cropped my photos to share with the web and it is now October.
Now I have added a photo.

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