Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's regrets

It happens. You think you aren't really a New Year's Resolution kinda person. You make them anyway. Then you have trouble following them and you feel some post holiday blues. I'm still on board with my sewing resolutions, so far. I will even have some pictures of actual finished projects soon. Although I also keep starting new projects....
It's the real-life resolutions I'm regretting. The ones I didn't even make out loud. The usual save money by making treats at home, healthier food choices, more exercise. I think it's the healthier food choices that's tripping me up. I'm thinking about giving up potato chips, I probably only eat them once a month. The thing is,  I'm kinda allergic to the flavouring. Not gonna die allergic, but over the years it's been getting worse. A much more obvious cause and effect. One bag of ketchup chips = 2 days of sore throat and feeling icky. The weird thing is I always forget that I've eaten this bad for me stuff and think I'm getting the cold/flu/virus that's always going around.I know I can stop this by just eating regular chips but they are not as fun.
Oh well, I have a block of the month to cut out. Also 30 minutes or more of sewing to do. These are the real resolutions. Written out for the whole interweb to see.

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