Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Alot is awesome in 3D

One of my favourite places to procrastinate is the archives of Hyperbole and a half's blog. Allie Brosch has been busy these past few months but I look forward to new posts. Anyway, while I'm rarely 100% grammatically correct myself, I too have pet peeves about other people's writing and comments.

"The Alot is better than you at everything" really struck a cord with my friends and I. We quote the post and send to people on Facebook if they seem remotely interested in our discussion. A few people we know even have the T-shirt.

In a random conversation with a fellow crafter it was decided that the Alot would make an excellent crochet or knit stuffy. So I present to you the Alot as a 3D amigurumi style crochet beast. Once I hear it's OK a pattern and/or many Alots for purchase will be posted.

I also made my Alot a few friends to hang out with. The House Hippo was a special order. The others will hang with me until I find myself at a craft fair or actually create an Etsy or ArtFire store. 

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