Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest

Photo credit: Judith "friend of the year" Neville
Spring Dinghies at Royal Victoria Yacht Club had 6 fireballs on the line. Sunshine with temperatures in the low 20's and 5-10 knots of breeze. This year, so that we can brag about how awesome it is to live here, we had similar sun; temperature and wind both days.

Day 1 had a slow start for a couple of boats (mine was one of them) who missed the first race. With current being a factor on the course the windward leg of the 2nd race favoured the brave who headed for the shore line. I heard tales from the Laser fleet of sailors having to back track out from behind rocks, they were trying so hard to avoid the current. By race 3 the current was less of a factor and wind shifts played a bigger part in upwind tactics.

Race committee had their work cut out for them setting marks in the deep water between Cadboro Bay and Oak Bay. There was a dragging finishing pin in the second race that made the line only 2 boat lengths and shrinking when we passed through.I'm sure it was fixed for the remaining finishing boats but I was snacking on cookies and didn't see.

Day 2 brought an earlier start and different currents to read. It was a day to compare the benefits wind shifts and puffs over current favouring parts of the course. It had the whole fleet crossing tacks upwind and spreading out a bit downwind.

To sail 2 days and 7 races in the sunshine wearing summer sailing gear in early May was a nice introduction to my sailing season. My skipper and I were lucky enough to sail our usual boat (11800 on the sail) even though its sale has been finalized to our local club. With a couple of 2nd place finishes in the racing and a 4th overall, I believe we showed the boat still performs to its usual potential.

Congratulations to Jamie Cox and Simon Pearson (1st); Rob Thompson and victim #? day 1/Dave Richardson day 2 (2nd);  Rob Warren and Gary Bishop (3rd). Full race results available

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