Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Diving into insanity - this weeks project is a quilted bag (a gift)

It's been a running joke with my group of crafty friends that quilting is a level of insanity that equals crazy. Most crafters run a little to the eccentric, but somehow I have come to believe quilting is the road to insanity.

You folk don't know that much about me, but I struggle to finish large projects and as far as I can tell there are no small quilting projects. Also, I only iron because making clothing turns out terrible without good pressing skills. Quilting relies heavily on ironing.

Anyway, here we are in early 2015. I've been working on cataloging my stash and clearing out a few things. I was reminded that I received gift from a friend who was clearing out their craft space. I now have the plans for a quilted bag and all the pieces cut out, but not quilted.
I have a fancy Pfaff sewing machine that will enjoy this project. It's all computerized and was designed with quilters in mind, now I get to find out if it really is better than my old 16 basic machine. Maybe quilting is less crazy when you have the fancy tools.

There are some family members who may read this and take exception to my belief they are insane. I say think about it for a moment and ask your friends. I'm right. I love you, but I'm right.

So I know the basics, the printed plans don't seem too difficult....I'll let you know how it goes. This one starts with the iron I think.

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