Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I still call it insanity, but I may visit more regularly...do you see my block of the month button?

So my pile of donated fabric has now become a quilted quilt tote. I followed the directions included in my donation. I have spent most of this project wondering why my mysterious benefactor didn't buy pre-quilted fabric for this endeavor. Also, why did they measure everything just a little bit shorter than the directions said?

The donation is mysterious, because when I told my crafty friend I was working on this project from a bag of fabric I got from her, she had no idea what I was talking about. Our best guess is this was donated to her and she just passed it on without even knowing what was in there.

I have not included the photocopied directions because I cannot give credit to the designer. It is obviously from a book, pages 130-134, no headers on the pages.

For this project I made my longest piece of bias binding yet (6 m) although it didn't have to be that long.

I was reminded why I have a pencil sharpener in my sewing supplies, one of my chalk pencils is almost done. I think I've had it for 2 years. I apparently don't draw as many lines when fashioning clothing.

Oh and I'm pretty sure I've used the equivalent of 1 km of thread for a small item. Although it might just feel that way.

Pictures to prove I really did it.
Machine quilted, by me

Quilt inside is a beautiful gift from my crazy relatives

All done
I actually could have finished this in 3 days. I had the time, but instead of sewing my fabulous bias tape on, I went to a crochet project for a few days instead. Facing my issues with finishing a project, I am quite proud of myself that this is done.

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