Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - My first sewing machine

I was cruising our local classified website today and saw a sewing machine for sale that looked an awful lot like the one I crew up using. I can't really say it was my machine, because it was really my Mom's. She was nice and shared it with us kids though. When I went looking for an image of the actual machine I found the pic above that is from the cover of an owner's manual. Our machine could have been from 1941. I do love the old machines for their power and indestructibility.

My first sewing project was a Hallowe'en costume (black witches dress and cape). Mom gave me the best sewing advice I have ever received and continue to pass it on to new sewers; "no matter how strange it seems, follow the pattern directions to the letter and it usually turns out OK"

In today's sewing world with video lessons you can pay for and youtube tutorials galore for free, you can usually have a stranger demonstrate a new process like putting a sleeve in a garment, but back in the day (1991 ish) the internet was still a baby.

What was your first sewing project?

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