Friday, May 22, 2015

Sew productive lately

This isn't so much a real post. It's me bragging. I have finished a number of projects that have been hanging around. Also, a few projects that were recent inspirations.

I've been cataloging my fabric stash because I have fabric taking over my house. This means I have found a number of things that are already cut out and a few things I didn't even remember I had.

So here is my finished list.

Postal themed scarf that I think I will sell as furoshiki (eco gift wrap)

2 pairs of pajama pants that tie at the waist (one pair is already an elastic waist now)

New pennant of the sailing club. It turned out so well I may need to make more.

New International pennant #5 since I'm good at flags apparently.

This year's version of obnoxious sailing leggings

2 small velcro pouches

Also several alterations for profit, 2 dresses and several scarves.

I'm hoping this is the start of a new sewing habit, but I'm pretty sure these things happen in cycles.

Do you have any projects that have been hanging around too long?

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