Friday, May 8, 2015

WTF Friday - the 70's seemed to think you really had skills

This starts with pictures.

This is a magazine from the 70's that featured a basket weave sleeve. They recommend velvet jersey to obtain the same look as theirs.

My WTF is that these magazines just assumed you know what you're up to for making a sleeve. There are detailed instructions for making the basket woven jersey, but they think you know the sleeve shape and sewing directions for long-sleeved shirt.

I read a few craft magazines and even the ones aimed for intermediate to advanced sewers/crafters don't just offer a diagram of a new technique and leave it at that.
There is an article accompanying the diagram tutorial, but it doesn't discuss how much extra yardage you need for this look.

Ah, 70's style, it's probably coming back in fashion soon isn't it?

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