Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It appears to be 2016

Well, a new year began a while ago. I think I'm catching up. I have reduced my mending pile to one piece of clothing that needs a new skill from me to fix. Yup, I'm going to teach myself to invisibly darn denim without buying a fancy vintage sewing machine. I just have to wait for my eBay cotton thread to get here from China.
Until then, a quick note about my 2016 resolutions. Hopefully I stick to them a little better than my previous ones. Although I do tend to re-evaluate and have new resolutions pop up all over the place.
1.) No new fabric unless I'm being paid to make something that requires it.
2.) Sew a little every day. 20 minutes at the machine, cutting matt, ironing board seems a reasonable place to start.
3.) Have fun. If sewing a big contract for monies, remember you have your own projects too.
4.) Give gifts. The more you make, the more fabric used, the closer you are to buying new fabric.
5.) Don't forget to go outside. Yeah a day sewing can feel productive, but fresh air is where it's at on this coast.

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