Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throw Pillows from the bottom of someone's curtains

I often write here that I sew projects for me and for sale, and do alterations from my home studio.

This year I have been doing lots of alterations. I'm saving up for a new, to me, car. I was asked to hem 7 curtain panels, one of my least favourite tasks, but I'm kind of a grown up now, so I took the job.

It turned out that 2 of the panels had 14" removed from the bottom. They were a cool black ink floral print on a white background. My client didn't want the leftover fabric, so I have made 2 - 12" square throw pillows and will make 2 - 12" square pillow covers. The actual pillows lasted about 5 minutes from finished to SOLD. Now to pick up the invisible zippers for the pillow covers and see if they go as quickly!

This is a true repurpose of scrap material that is my aim for Living Fabric. I am very proud of myself for not leaving it in my stash for months until I can't remember what I planned to do with it.  The true test for this project is how long it will take for me to finish with the pillow covers.