Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Tis the Season

This year I did surprisingly well at craft sales with a small easy to create Santa ornament. I used up some of my factory mill end yarn, and left over sewing scraps. Eventually I will have to post about the sewing that causes the scraps...

I saw a Santa ornament on a tree in the background of a picture on a website that I don't recall and thought it was very cute. I have since made these little guys from 4" (8cm) tall to 2" (5cm). I charge the same for them no matter what size. Any that don't sell will be the bows on my presents to friends and family. Which you all know you will be getting sometime between March and July of next year.
I also got to use up some elastic gold thread/string that I have no idea why it was ever purchased. Little googly eyes did have to be purchased for this project and I will wax poetically about the glue later.

For this project you need:
    Red felt or scrap heavy fabric
    White yarn (pieces longer than 2' (.5m)
    yarn needle
    Hand sewing needle and thread
    glue - I used Aleene's brand super gel
    googly eyes (technical term)
    elastic thread/string

Cut your scrap into a variety of rectangles. Edges to not have to be particularly square.
Hand sew or glue your rectangle into a cone shape.
Glue 2 googly eyes to the red cone.

Create a pom-pom from the white yarn. Wrap yarn around 2 fingers 20-40 times depending on how lush you want your pom-pom to be, leave a tail.

Using your yarn needle wrap yarn around centre of the pom-pom between your fingers. Pull tight and tie off.

Trim pom-pom into an even circle.
Cut a length of elastic thread/string tie a knot in one end and thread the other through the yarn needle. Push the yarn needle through the centre of your pom-pom and up through the point of the hat. Then leaving a loop to hang on the tree go back through the point of the hat and pom-pom. Cut the thread/string to a length that will allow hanging and tie a knot in the end. Pull on the loop at the top of the hat to hide know in the pom-pom. One more knot at the point of the hat to keep it from falling off the string and Santa is ready for your tree.

Yes, I know I used the same picture twice, but these ornaments are just too cute. Also if you really like the idea but don't want to make them, let me know and I can sell to you for $1 each.

Happy Christmas

Monday, November 14, 2011

'Tis the Season

Trying to find that special gift item?

Like shiney jewelry?

Cute crafty yarn work?

Original sewing accent pieces? (Ooops should have taken a picture)

Well then you should check out my sales stall at the following Craft Fairs. Also I'm sure the other vendors will have unique, local, hand crafted items too. Come out and support your local arts and crafters.

Christmas in the Manger at Saanich Fairgrounds November 26,27 Admission $2
Facebook event link

Score 20 table of crafts for >$20 December 3
FB link

Better updates soon.

I should note the first 2 pics posted were taken by my good friend and co-shiney jewelry maker JP. The crochet lion was all me.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Wait, that was WordPress

So I'm now involved in another blog. Monday Night Dinner Crowd. (writing as freefoodbaby)
I wrote last week's post but had to wait a while for pictures. Working in the admin section of Word Press I was impressed. There are so many cool features on that free blog site. I'm not moving yet, but it could happen.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I've entered a CONTEST

So "livingfabric" is also my username at a wonderful sewing site and online community They are having a costume contest with a cash prize to the winner. However, I'm looking for the Sponsor prize, which is a Bernina 3 series sewing machine (

Please feel free to vote for me. There are a lot of great entries in this contest too, so vote for your favourite. Also, the gallery is great inspiration if you are a last minute costume maker. You have until Sunday, October 30th at midnight (EST) to vote.

In the theme of Hallowe'en here is another post by me. This is from a few years ago, but JP and I were quite proud of the weapons. They were such a hit, and so light weight, that bouncers even let us into clubs with them. Usually costume weapons have to be checked so that no one gets hurt.

Hopefully next week will feature pictures of Thing 1 and Thing 2 my big project for Hallowe'en this year.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

September is the New Year...sort of.

Somehow, even though I'm not in school I find September is a fresh start kinda month. So I posted a New Year's resolution to start blogging in Jan 2011 and then ignored it.
NOW, I really will start blogging. Really. I sell my crafts at local hobby and craft shows, but noticed this year I haven't been focusing on new stock. Looking for a quick and easy idea, I found an excellent post for recycling remnants of netting or tulle at
Since my whole idea for Living Fabric is upcycling (still not sure how I feel about the term) or recycling fabric, yarn and notions. I try to work from remnants, garage sale finds, gifts and leftovers from new projects. I'm not averse to buying off the bolt but I'm trying to find a way to use all scraps of all types of fabrics that are larger then 5"(10 cm) square.
Also I loved this scrubby idea because I wouldn't have to sew the tulle or netting I have left. I do not enjoy working with netting or tulle. Obviously I do sometimes work with it but it is not my favourite.
Much to my procrastinating surprise I immediately cut up all my netting an made a ball of material to create scrubbies. Then I modified the pattern a bit for myself so that I didn't have to make a double layer. Within a week of spare time I had this nice bundle for my sale table.
To prove my procrastination I still haven't cropped my photos to share with the web and it is now October.
Now I have added a photo.